Russia has invaded Ukraine, now we are fighting for our European future and the security of all of Europe. Ukraine is the only country that stops Russia from attacking NATO countries. Now is the time to help Ukraine repel the Russian attack and ensure a secure future for the world.
What is happening in Ukraine?
On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Now a full-scale war is taking place on the territory of Ukraine, which is the largest war in Europe in the 21st century.
Before the full-scale war, Russia occupied Crimea in 2014, as well as Donbas, where more than 14,000 Ukrainians were killed.
In 2022, in the current full-scale war that Russia unleashed, in more than a month, at least 10,000 citizens of Ukraine were killed, 7,000 of which were civilians.
Putin and his regime use prohibited weapons against civilians and the military, terrorize with the shelling of nuclear power stations and oil depots, as well as threats to use nuclear weapons.
Many cities have been completely or partially destroyed (Mariupol, Chernihiv, Bucha, Kharkiv, etc.), Russian invaders do not let "green corridors" through, so many Ukrainians die due to a lack of food or medicine.
You can help the Ukrainian army to stop this senseless bloody war!
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Why the situation in Ukraine affects you?
Nuclear weapon
In 1994, Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in order to make this world a safer place. But now, taking advantage of this, Russia is taking Ukrainian territories and killing civilians.
Shield of Europe
If the war is not stopped by Ukraine, Russia's next targets will be the NATO countries, Moldova (after all, Russia already took Transnistria from Moldova in 1992), and Georgia (Russia already occupied Abkhazia in 1993 and Ossetia in 2008). Other countries will be afraid to give up nuclear weapons and all of Europe will be under threat.
Ukraine provides 16% of world exports of corn and 12% of wheat exports, 50% of world oil, the stop of which will lead to starvation in many places on the planet.
Aggression of the strong
Ukraine is a peaceful democratic country that has finally chosen the European vector in 2013 and is now defending itself from a superpower. If Ukraine loses, it will give the big countries the right to take over the smaller ones, which will lead to a lot of wars on earth.
Russian Federation has already killed more than 500 children during this war!
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